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Personal Injury Attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wrecked front-end of a carIf you get in a car wreck, your health insurance wants someone’s automobile insurance to pay. Both automobile insurers want to avoid paying anything or to minimize what they pay out. Meanwhile, the injured party faces bills, an uncertain recovery, lost work time, and psychological trauma. The injured party may also suffer secondary injuries such as bankruptcy, eviction, divorce, and job loss. For the best chances of getting the treatment you need, and the compensation you deserve, you should retain an attorney.

Were You Injured Due to Negligence?

Businessman holding a group of diceInsurance is a For-Profit Business

Insurance companies are like casinos because they make their money off of gambling. At the heart of every insurance policy is the bet that the insurer will collect more in premiums than it will pay out in benefits. Consequently, even though insurance is a critical part of your risk management strategy, insurance companies exist to make money, not to pay claims. Unfortunately, that means insurance companies have an incentive to avoid paying or to underpay even when your claim is valid.

However, in Oklahoma, insurance policies are contracts and insurance companies have special obligations to their customers. If you have suffered a loss that you think should be covered by your insurance, but the insurance company refuses to pay, denies that you are covered, constantly delays the process, or will not discuss reasonable settlement amounts, then you probably need legal help.

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