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Judgment Enforcement Attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Judgment Enforcement

Not all money damages judgments stem from contracts. Money judgments also come from personal injury cases, property damage cases, intellectual property infringement, and countless other matters. Regardless of the type of underlying legal issue, if you have a judgment against a person or business that can be found in Oklahoma, we can enforce that judgment if the judgment debtor can be located and if the judgment debtor has non-exempt assets.

Judgment enforcement usually involves repeating the same three steps over and over until the creditor gets paid. First, we use both formal and informal means to investigate the debtor’s location, employer, financial institutions and assets.

Stained Glass Tulsa SkylineSecond, we evaluate the information to determine if the timing is right to negotiate a deal or use legal means to take the debtor’s property or money to satisfy the judgment amount. Sometimes, a judgment creditor might accept a boat or other item of value to settle the matter. Certain assets of individual persons are exempt from forced seizure and sale and there are limitations on garnishment amounts. Generally, nothing a business owns is exempt from forced sale or garnishment to satisfy a judgment.

Third and finally, we do one of three things. The first option is to wait because the debtor can’t be found or has no job or assets of interest. Often, the debtor surfaces later with a criminal charge or through other information sources that take time to update with the debtors’ most recent information. The second option, if we can find the debtor, is to negotiate a settlement according to our client’s terms. If the debtor is willing to pay a lump sum and our client is willing to discount the total amount owed, the debtor might pay voluntarily to get closure. Under the third option, assuming we have found the debtor with assets but could not negotiate a voluntary settlement, we start formal proceedings to garnish funds or seize and sell property through the Sheriff’s office to get our client paid.