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Employment Law & Your #1 Goal

Shelf of law booksYour number one business goal is the success of your company. When it comes to employment law in Tulsa, our firm’s number one goal is to help you avoid the expense and distraction of employee-related legal action. However, if you are already facing a lawsuit or an administrative charge, Boston Avenue Law can help with a rigorous defense and solid negotiation talent.

Employment law is constantly changing. For the latest information and answers to your questions, reach out to our office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, today.

Dealing with an Emploment Law Issue?

Issues You May Be Facing

Here are examples of situations that come up frequently:Two business people working by laptop

  • An employee complains of sexual harassment. What do you do? What if the complaint is about the person who normally conducts your company investigations?

  • You have an employee who is underperforming. When you counsel the employee, he or she brings up age, race, sex, or other legally protected characteristics, suggesting the criticism is unfair and improperly motivated. How should you best handle this situation?

  • Is that person an employee or an independent contractor? There is potential for both wage and tax liability if you get it wrong.

  • Is your employee properly categorized as “exempt” or “non-exempt?” Again, there is potential for both wage and tax liability.

  • You just got a letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. What should you do?

  • Your employee has been working off the clock and now wants to be paid. Is immediately writing a check your best course of action?

  • Business has been good and you have grown. But now your company is large enough for the Family and Medical Leave Act to apply. Do you have a policy in place and are your supervisors trained to handle FMLA situations?

  • One of your employees was a soldier who was deployed overseas two years ago. She now reports that she is home and ready to return to work. What are your obligations?

  • Your employee violated a safety policy and became injured on the job. Several laws and regulations converge on this issue. What are your rights and responsibilities as an employer?

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